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MC Webs Training

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Welcome to the Training website.

This site is set up to help you get to grips with your new website and to learn how you can create, edit and delete its content.

There are different levels of User Status designed for the website and this training material is aimed at Site Editors. However Users, such as Page or Content Editors, who have less authority than a Site Editor will also benefit from the various guides.



This sections gives a basic introduction to the website.


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Video Text

Hi my name is Stephen from MC Webs and I would like to welcome you to the Online Video Guide for our Content Management System websites. Your website will look different from the one you see in the videos but all the controls are the same.

As you will find, the controls on the website are designed to make it easy for you to manage and update the content of your site. You don’t have to have any technical skills – in fact the software used to make your website was designed with the non-technical person in mind. And so if you have used programs like Microsoft Word then you should find the editing features of the website easy to use.

This guide is for Site Editors.

Site Editors can

  • create,
  • populate and
  • publish pages on the website.

Pages can be worked on in stages and remain offline until finished. Only Site Editors can access these unfinished pages. Then when the pages are completed Site Editors can publish them making them live on the website.

As you watch these series of videos remember you can stop them at any time by using the ‘stop’ button at the bottom of the screen or you can locate a particular part of the video by dragging the marker on the timeline. The links to the left will also allow you to jump to different sections in the guide.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you all the best with your website and we trust you will find this guide useful.

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