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Logging In

This section will show you how to

  • login to your website,
  • get another password
  • change your password
  • to logout when you are finished.


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In this section you will be shown how to

  • login to your website,
  • get another password if you have forgotten yours,
  • how to change your password to something you can remember
  • and how to logout when you are finished.

In order to edit the content of your web pages you first need to Login to the website. Go to the website and type /login behind the domain name in the address bar and press the Enter key – you can bookmark this page for future use.

A Login form will appear. Enter your E-mail address (also known as Username) that you were given when the site was first set-up for you and the password that you received.

On a security note if you are working on a public computer don't tick the 'remember my details' option as it may give access to other users to edit your website without you knowing.

Click the Login button. If you make a mistake when logging in, you will get another Login screen to try again. Remember your password is case sensitive.

If you have forgotten your password you can click the 'Forgotten your password?' link and fill in your email address (the same one you login with) and click the 'Email my new password' button. A new password will be sent to your email address.

Once you are logged in you will notice that the web page looks a little different in 2 ways. Firstly at the top (or bottom) of the screen you will notice a line of links and secondly, the content of the web page may look a little distorted, but don't worry about this as it doesn't affect what your website visitors see.

The line of links at the top of the screen (and sometimes also at the bottom) will give you

  • your User status,
  • the Date
  • and 3 hyperlinks – to the Control Panel, to Switch Page Edit On and to Logout.

Now to change your password to one that you will find easy to remember you need to click on the 'Control Panel' link at the top of the screen. Then under the section headed 'My Settings' click 'My Details'. At the bottom of the form type in your new password in the 'new password' box and type it again in the 'confirm password' box.

To make your password secure we suggest that you use a mixture of letters and numbers.

Feel free to fill in some of the other empty boxes so that your profile is complete. Having made the changes, click the 'save details' button to save your new password. Remember to use your new password the next time you login.

When you are finished working on the content of your website always remember to Logout. This helps to keep your pages secure. This is particularly important if you are using a public computer, as failure to logout may allow the next user to gain access to your website. The system will automatically log you out if you have not been active for 30 minutes but you shouldn't rely upon this to keep your website secure. To logout simply click the Logout link at the top of the screen.

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