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Edit the Page Metadata

In this section you will be shown how to update the Metadata that Search Engines look for in order to list websites correctly in their databases.

To edit the page’s meta data click on the Metadata button. This will open a popup window, which allows you to change important information that is used by Search Engines and the website’s Content Management system.

Keywords and key phrases are used to describe the contents of this web page and the words are used by Search Engines to help rank the web page within their databases. Use words and phrases that people might use if they were using a Search Engine to search for this type of web page. Enter the keywords and phrases with a comma separating them.

This is the same description that is found under the Page Info button. If not already populated then enter a brief description of this web page. Make it short, attractive and as descriptive as possible. Search Engines will use this information when they list this page in their databases.

Enter the date the page was created - format yyyy mm dd.

Enter the name(s) of the creator(s) of the content of this page.

Enter any copyright information that is applicable to this page.

Click the Save button to save the changes you have made. Or click the Cancel button to cancel them.