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Edit the Page Information

In this section you will be shown how to change the Information that is stored about the Page.

To edit the page’s details click on the ‘Page Info’ button. This will open a popup window which allows you to change important information that is used by Search Engines and for the navigation of the website.

The title of the page appears in the browser Title Bar and should describe what the page is about. E.g. Website Design and Hosting.

Navigation and Link Labels
These are the text that will be used to link to this page from within your website with the Navigation text appearing in the site’s navigation system. Keep them short and descriptive.

Hide from Navigation and Hide from Feeds – The default is No, which means that the page will appear in the website’s navigation system and other link feeds. Normally you would leave these as No but if you wish to hide the page then select Yes.

Thumbnail Image
This section is obsolete

Enter a brief description of this web page. Make it short, attractive and as descriptive as possible. Search Engines will use this information when they list this page in their databases.

Show Description
Default selection is No! Click Yes if you want the description to appear under the page title on the parent page.

Import from Archive
This feature can be used to import a zip file that contains page content. For example, you can create a zip file with a collection of documents that you want to insert into the page and then upload it here. When you click the Save button the documents will be automatically inserted into the page content.

To insert a prepared zip file, click on the Browse button, which will give you access to your computer’s files. Now locate and select your zip file and click the Open button.

Include this page
Default is Yes, and this tells the Search Engines that you want this page listed in their database. If you do not want the Search Engines to list this page then select No.

Follow links on this page
Default is Yes, and this tells the Search Engines to follow any links on this page. If you don’t want the Search Engines to follow the links then select No.

Short URL Name
This relates to the name of the page that appears in the address bar of the browser. By default the Title of the page will be used but you can change that here. The URL Names should be descriptive of the contents of the web page.

Parent Page
This identifies the page that this page is linked to. Every page has a parent page except the Home page. Changing the parent page will move it to the chosen page and change the navigation structure of the website.

Parent Page Position
The Parent Page Position of a page will determine the position that it appears in the parent page’s content section and on it’s navigation system. Changing the position here will reposition the page accordingly.

Click the Save button to save the changes you have made. Or click the Cancel button to cancel it.