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Add or Edit a Rule Element

This section will show you how to add and or edit a Rule element in a page.

A Rule is a horizontal line that can be used to highlight or section the page content.

To add a Rule element to the page click on the Rule button at the bottom of the page or to edit a Rule element that already exists click the Edit Element button above the element. This will open a popup window that allows you to add or edit the element.

Move your cursor over each part of the Rule Element Popup Image below to learn about how it works.

Rule Element popup window

Hold your cursor over the image to find out more about the element.

Rule Element Help Text

Show Help

Clicking on the Show Help link will bring up help buttons for the different features of the element. Then clicking on the ? button next to a feature will give you some help with that feature.

Rule Thickness

This controls the thickness/height of the line and is measured in pixels. All other aspects of the rule are set by the web designer using a stylesheet.


This will only appear if specific styles have been set up by the website designer.

Click on the dropdown box to select a style to apply to the element as a whole.

Parent Page

This identifies the page that this element sits on and this box only appears when you are editing an existing element. Changing the parent page will move the element to the chosen page and delete it from this page.

To move this element to another page, click the Choose Page button and select the new page from a list of the website's pages. You can click the Go button to check that you have selected the correct page.

If you do move an element to a new page you must then go to that page, position the element where you want it and then publish the page before it will go live.

Parent Page Position

This determines the position that the element will have on the web page. Every element has a number, which governs the overall layout of the page. By changing the Parent Page Position you can quickly determine where this element should sit on the page.

By default, new elements are added to the end of the page.

Click the Save button to save the element. Or click the Cancel button to cancel it.

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