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Website Design Process

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Design Process

MC Webs are committed to meeting the needs of their clients through a four-stage process.

1. Planning

  • Initial planning. The client is encouraged to think about what the website is for, eg. to support existing customers, to get new customers, sell products, etc. They will also be asked to look for websites they like so as to get an idea of style they want.
  • Initial discussion with client. This will involve looking at the main purpose of the website and how that can be achieved. Samples of existing company promotional material will be requested including logos, letterheads, etc.
  • Quotation given by MC Webs. A detailed quotation will be given explaining what is being offered and with a timescale for Going Live.
  • Acceptance of the quotation and a 50% deposit paid by client. The acceptance of the quotation and the paying of the deposit is a prerequisite before any work is carried out.
  • Domain name purchased by MC Webs. The chosen domain name (provided it is available) will be purchased and held in trust by MC Webs on behalf of the client. The client is able to take over the control of the domain name at any time provided all costs of the domain have been paid.

2. Design

  • Initial design concepts presented by MC Webs to client. At least 3 different page layouts will be presented to the client.
  • Design accepted by client and any modifications made by MC Webs. The client accepts a design and suggest and modifications they require.
  • Content provided by client. The client is to provide the content of the website in softcopy in a 'ready to use' format. Products information for webshops must be provided in spreadsheet format.

3. Development  Testing

  • Website created and design applied by MC Webs. During this stage the style and layout will be checked for compatibility across Browsers
  • Content added by MC Webs. Content will be added and checked for spelling and other mistakes. Meta tag information will be added to the website as agreed between the client and MC Webs.
  • Progress review with client. The client will be provided with a temporary website address where they can view the progress of the website at any time.

4. Going Live

  • Final acceptance and payment by client. On completion of the website the client will need to agree that they are happy for it to go live and will pay the remaining 70% of the agreed price.
  • Domain name activated by MC Webs. The chosen domain name will be pointed at the new website.
  • Final adjustments made by MC Webs. Any final adjustments of the website, suggested by the client or MC Webs, will be undertaken within a 2 week period of the site going live.
  • Training on use of online tools given by MC Webs. Users will be given training on logging in, using the control panel, switching on page edit and adding, editing, moving and deleting page elements.
  • Website submitted to major Search Engines by MC Webs. The website will be submitted to the 3 major Search Engines – Google, Yahoo and MSN. Once the website is indexed by these Search Engines it will filter through to many others that use the same databases. We also provide advise on getting and keeping your website Search Engine Ready

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