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Website Design and Hosting

Call us on 07796 405818 or email stephen@mcwebs.co.uk for a free quotation.


MC Webs are committed to designing websites that are purpose built, attractive, reliable, user-friendly and affordable.

The bespoke Content Managed System (CMS) websites live on our server and provide a Login system enabling the page content to be controlled through the browser - No additional software is required. A number of users can be set up with permission to edit the content on assigned pages, spreading the load of keeping the website up-to-date and relevant. Edited pages remain offline until accepted by the overall Site Editor. Think of it like a newspaper with an editor and sub-editors.

The easy-to-use management tools remove the need for design or technical knowledge by providing the power to insert or edit a range of elements within a page through a few mouse clicks. Page elements can be added, edited, moved and deleted. Training is provided on how to undertake the upkeep of the website content. Familiarity with Word will help in learning how to use the online tools.

Alternatively, if your time is taken up with running the business then you can email the changes you require to us and we will update the site for you at a reasonable and agreed hourly rate.

Search Engine Optimisation is controlled through the meta tags (page titles, page descriptions), page names and page content which are all easy to update through the online tools provided. Image Alt tags are also easily inserted (if you forget to insert an Alt tag the file name is used by default) ensuring your web pages remain accessible to the majority.

The style and layout of the website is controlled through a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) making for a consistent look and feel to each web page. The Cascading Style Sheet is set up during the design process and is checked for compatibly with the popular browsers. The use of the Style Sheet helps in making the website accessible, for example visually impaired visitors using specialised software can override it with their own Style Sheet so making the content of the site easier to read.

Each website has the facility of checking on the viewer statistics for each web page and a ‘paper’ trail on who has edited what pages.

A summary of our website features

  • Designed to high technical standard
  • Built to meet Accessibility Laws
  • Built for easy control of Search Engine Optimisation meta data
  • Login facility for easy online management of content
  • Multiple users to help spread the load of keeping the site up-to-date
  • No additional software required
  • No design or technical knowledge needed
  • Management control over user content
  • Page elements that are easy to add, edit, move or delete
  • Cascading Style Sheet used to control style and layout
  • Tested for Browser Compatibility
  • Built in website statistics

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